17.-18. AUGUST 2024 - SEMINAR with Birgit Schnack-Iorio

17-18 AUGUST 2024 - SEMINAR
Experience complex anti-stress management in a positive way.
Contents of the seminar:
- The proven three-dimensional anti-stress model according to Prof. Schnack (strategies against general, peripheral and central stress).
- The neurophysiologically based vagus meditation according to Prof. Schnack-(a study by the University of Lüneburg (2016) proves a higher proof of alpha power for VM compared to progressive muscle relaxation according to Jacobson).
- The power of rituals to reduce stress in everyday life
- Recognising one's own stressors
- Cognitive restructuring of negative thoughts
- Integrating one's own values better into everyday life
- Time management in everyday life according to the inner clock
- Nature as a role model and the analogue experience in the digital age
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