Since 1935 the Torriani family has been hosts at the Hotel Solaria in Bivio. The family has always strived to make the guests' stay at the hotel as pleasant as possible. But where did the history of the Hotel Solaria begin? It all started in the year of the 19th century with Giovanni Torriani and founded a farm in the middle of Bivio, which was later continued by his son Pietro Torriani. Pietro Torriani married Margherita Pasini in 1921 and from the marriage four sons and a daughter were born. The fourth son, Adolfo Torriani, embarked on a career as a hotelier and worked for 30 years as concierge at the Hotel Capar Badrutt in St. Moritz. There he met his wife Frieda Müller-Saurer from Brienz and in 1935 they converted the farmhouse in Bivio into a small pension, creating the Pension Solaria! Through generation after generation the Pension Solaria (later Hotel Solaria) was carried on and the Torriani family made a name for themselves throughout the Grisons. Giancarlo Torriani from the 3rd generation of the family took over the Hotel Solaria in 1975, which was renovated several times over the years and then acquired the bakery next to the hotel in addition in 1985. Both buildings have been joined together since 1992 to form the present Hotel Solaria. Giancarlo Torriani married Genieve Raftery from England in 1982 and from this happy marriage comes the 4th generation of hoteliers, Giovanna, Giorgio, Giordana, Gregorio, Gabriele, - which today is successfully continued by Gregorio Torriani and Giovanna Torriani. Come and visit the Hotel Solaria and see for yourself.