Summer Retreat - Resilience BASICS

Learn to better handle personal challenges! With Dr. Tom Reulein (certified resilience trainer)

During the two-day Resilience Retreat at Hotel Solaria in Bivio, we will delve into the various aspects and mechanisms of the extended resilience model according to Sebastian Mauritz (Resilience Academy).

Resilience is a skill that can be learned, enabling us to be more flexible and resilient in dealing with stress and challenges, and to grow from them. It also facilitates a more appreciative approach to ourselves and others.

Together, we will identify your individual protective and risk factors and develop approaches for functional mindsets. This will empower you to activate your personal resources more effectively, enabling healthier thoughts, feelings, and actions. Additionally, you will strengthen your self-reflection.

As part of the Resilience Retreat with a maximum of 9 participants, evidence-based knowledge will be conveyed in an understandable manner, deepened through small group work, and made individually applicable.

Furthermore, enjoy the exceptionally warm atmosphere at Hotel Solaria Bivio, as well as the unique mountain nature in Parc Ela.