Dear Guest, Horse lovers

Take your Riding experience to a new Level. The Riding Stable is another activity offer from the Hotel Solaria. Genny Torriani keeps her Horses with a lot of Passion.

We offer you one Hour, half Day, Day Rides and a lovely sunset Ride to the Alp Natons with wine, Chese and Bacon. Our Speciality are our 2 and 3 Days Ride over the Historic Septimer Pass to the Valley Bregalia untill Bondo.

Over the Septimer Pass the old Romans already came along to Trade,  it was one of the most important South to North Trading Routes for hundrets of Years.

We are not a riding School, so for the Long Rides bring some riding experience.

Tours from June to Oktober.

De Bivio a Bondo

Notre Amour pour notre chevalles